Slow Down!

Apologized to a friend for taking some time to reply to an E-mail, and explained that I’m currently in a tough 24/7 working schedule. The response was “Currently? You mean you’re ALWAYS in a tough working schedule” :) So true. Time to slow down! Took the evening off and freshened up on my PS-skills with some pics from Paris. The result? View my work, Paris, Retro Style.

Photography - Paris Retro Style


Last weekend, I took a recreational trip to the southern parts of Sweden. The last couple of months have been least to say tough. Tons of work, minimal sleep and a minor river of energy drinks. To be able to function, it’s important to allow yourself to take a couple of hours off and simply relax. This time, a long walk and some random photography in the icy town Ystad was the plan. It was cold, but totally worth it! Hope you like the pics!