Toughest – Malmö Race 2013

I was asked to capture “The most intense obstacle race” – Toughest and could not pass on this great opportunity.
The race was blessed with great weather, amazing efforts and a gigantic crowd. A fun day with countless “Kodak moments”. Here’s a small excerpt of the result. Enjoy!

Oh no… SNOW!

There’s always something special with the first snow of the year… And I mean “special” in a BAD way :) Anyway, this morning I grabbed my camera and took some pictures on my stroll to work.

The Wedding

I was asked to take some wedding pictures. I was a bit nervous, but it all turned out ok! :)


Pictures from my vacation weekend in Rome. I’m glad I brought my camera! :)


Took a field trip to the new skate park and took a couple of shots.

Tiger Lou – LIVE!

Had the chance to take some snapshots at a Tiger Lou concert. Great gig!