Iceland – A world of yore

Spent a 9 days in Iceland. What can I say? It was amazing! Although I’ve traveled a lot in my years, this is probably the most astounding trip I’ve ever made. In addition to some well-deserved rest, the journey gave me tons of pictures and new experiences. Hopefully I’ll have time to publish some more edits soon. Until then, you can view a selection in the following post: Amazing Iceland

Amazing Iceland

On my recent trip to Iceland, I quickly found that “regular” photography wasn’t enough to capture this amazing place and all of its dynamic glory. I decided to change method and started composing HDR shots instead. I’m really pleased with the end result and can’t wait to re-visit this fantastic place.

Toughest – Malmö Race 2013

I was asked to capture “The most intense obstacle race” – Toughest and could not pass on this great opportunity.
The race was blessed with great weather, amazing efforts and a gigantic crowd. A fun day with countless “Kodak moments”. Here’s a small excerpt of the result. Enjoy!

HDR Training


Since I have a trip to Iceland planned in a few weeks, I figured that it would be a good idea to dust off the old cam and freshen up my landscape skills. My fingers and toes were frosen and numb, but I managed to capture a couple of frames.

Yellow fields

Walked past these amazing yellow fields and decided to seize the moment by taking a couple of snap-shots.

New toys!

Let me introduce my new toys: LensBaby Composer including wide angle, telephoto and macro converters. Yaaay! Stay tuned for pics taken with these fun lenses. Let the creativity begin!


Last weekend, I took a recreational trip to the southern parts of Sweden. The last couple of months have been least to say tough. Tons of work, minimal sleep and a minor river of energy drinks. To be able to function, it’s important to allow yourself to take a couple of hours off and simply relax. This time, a long walk and some random photography in the icy town Ystad was the plan. It was cold, but totally worth it! Hope you like the pics!

Oh no… SNOW!

There’s always something special with the first snow of the year… And I mean “special” in a BAD way :) Anyway, this morning I grabbed my camera and took some pictures on my stroll to work.


Pictures from my vacation weekend in Rome. I’m glad I brought my camera! :)


Took a field trip to the new skate park and took a couple of shots.