Iceland – A world of yore

Spent a 9 days in Iceland. What can I say? It was amazing! Although I’ve traveled a lot in my years, this is probably the most astounding trip I’ve ever made. In addition to some well-deserved rest, the journey gave me tons of pictures and new experiences. Hopefully I’ll have time to publish some more edits soon. Until then, you can view a selection in the following post: Amazing Iceland

Amazing Iceland

On my recent trip to Iceland, I quickly found that “regular” photography wasn’t enough to capture this amazing place and all of its dynamic glory. I decided to change method and started composing HDR shots instead. I’m really pleased with the end result and can’t wait to re-visit this fantastic place.

Koozui – Logo Design

“Koozui is an exciting social experiment going live shortly. It’s just 3 guys riding a wave. Be water, my friend…”

That’s how the guys at Koozui describes their ongoing project. Without disclosing any corporate secrets, I can tell you that this is really an exciting endeavor.

It really was a challenge to materialize this rather illusive project. However, after many meetings trying to get a feel for the business and what they wanted to project, I created a logo which gives the sense of strength, motion and change.
Koozui are happy with the outcome, and so am I.


Logo Design - Koozui


Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” aired on the telly the other day, which made me think of “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe, which eventually gave inspiration for this artwork… Association is a great thing.

Graphic Design - Raven

Runaway Runway

I finally found some spare time to create something personal for once. Don’t get me wrong, I love the challenges of client work, but sometimes you simply need to do something for yourself to improve your skills and spur your creativity…

Graphic Design - Runaway Runway

Rock & Doll

The two fashion freaks from needed some lifestyle-pictures for their new and fresh collection named “Rock & Doll”. What better location to shoot this than the closest theme park? Fun clothes and talented models made my job easy…