watAgame – Website

The international interactive media company watAgame needed a corporate website for the launch of their new product “Skymo”. The site would serve as a central platform for promoting the company as well as their products. The project also included a refurbishment of their brand, e.g. colors, fonts and logo.

To complement watAgame’s modern, high-tech & innovative profile, the site is equipped with a plethora of CSS transitions and jQuery goodies to enhance user experience. As always, the interface is fully responsive to serve both high and low resolution devices. The end result was a clean & legible website.

watAgame - Website

watAgame - Website

watAgame - Website

Toughest – Website

“Toughest – The most intense obstacle course” needed a website for promoting their new extreme sports event.

To get the appropriate “polished roughness” in the design, I used background textures such as concrete and wood. To keep the interface from being cluttered, I used a rather flat design for the actual site content. The contrast between these two created a balanced and legible interface.

For the back-end, I created several custom WordPress plugins for administrating registrations, e-mail confirmations, discount codes and other events details. To simplify the payment process, an automated integration to DIBS payment gateway had to be built, whereby the registration database is updated when credit card payments has been completed & confirmed. A complicated assignment least to say, but with a great and effective outcome.

Rough textures, combined with Flat UI.

Toughest Website

Toughest Website

Responsive & cross-browser compatible interface to serve all devices and screen resolutions.

Toughest Responsive Website

Registration Front- and Back-end, with integrated payment gateway.

Toughest Payment Gateway


Rasmus Skram – Website

The professional handball player Rasmus Skram decided to change direction of his current blog, which lead to a complete redesign of his website.

The new blog content would mainly be based on images and we needed to create an interface which complemented this. Since most blogs nowadays are browsed through portable devices, the focus was also to create an interface which catered these needs.

I decided to create a user experience based on “Flat” design. I’m very pleased with the result and will definitely use this type of graphical expression more in the future.

Two methods of reading blog posts:
Grid View and the more traditional List View which lists the full post content.

Rasmus Skram - Website  Rasmus Skram - Website

Responsive & cross-browser compatible interface to cater all devices and screen resolutions.

Rasmus Skram - Responsive Web

Flat UI & image grid

Rasmus Skram - Responsive Web Rasmus Skram - Responsive Web

Pölsemannen – Website & Intraweb

Pölsemannen is one of the largest fast-food franchises in southern Sweden. They needed a new corporate website to modernize the company profile as well as an user-friendly intraweb for their franchise holders.

The intraweb is the main portal for communicating with the franchise holders and an easy-to-use interface was a high priority. Among other functions, I developed an internal web shop for the franchisees to order material, clothes, groceries and other items needed for the business as well as a revenue-reporting system which digitized and simplified their current workflow.

The project required some extensive customizing, fine-tuning and development of several plugins to make all functions, simple & advanced, maintainable by users non-familiar with web development.
Did I manage? Indeed. The entire site is now completely maintained and updated by Pölsemannen, many thanks to the flexible framework WordPress.

Welcome page with quick-links to current campaigns and other info.
3-column layout to increase readability, and improve navigation.

Pölsemannen - Web  Pölsemannen - Web

Responsive & cross-browser tested interface to fit all devices, regardless of resolution.

Pölsemannen - Responsive

Internal web shop for franchise holders.

Pölsemannen - Web